DGSI. Durham Geo Slope Indicator

Soild Testing Overview

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Atterberg Limits
Catalog Pages

Shrinkage Limit (Wax Method) Shrinkage Limit (Mercury Method)
Liquid Limit Devices Plastic Limit Sets

Compaction and CBR

Catalog Pages

Automated Soil Compactor

Proctor Penetrometer

Field CBR Test Set

Sample Ejector

Georgia Swell Mold Device

Sample Extruder
Hand-Operated Load Frame Sleeve Compaction Rammers

Laboratory CBR Test Set

Soil Compaction Molds

Load Frame for CBR, LBR, UCC Testing (S-610 )

Standard Compaction Set (for Proctor Test)


Catalog Pages

Calibration Disc Expansion Index Consolidometer
Consolidometers Fixed Ring Consolidometer
Constant Rate of Loading Consolidometer Floating Ring Consolidometer
Data Collection for Consolidation Testing S-450 Terraload Consolidation Device
Dead Weight Consolidation Load Frame  

Data Acquisition

Catalog Pages

EZ-DAQ -- 8-Channel data acquisition for the laboratory WinSAS™ Windows®-based collecting software
Transducer Readout

Data Reduction and Reporting Software for Laboratory Soil Testing


Direct Shear

Catalog Pages

Dead Weight Tester for Direct Shear

Pneumatic Tester for Direct Shear

Field Testing

Catalog Pages

AMS Core Samplers

Pin Hole Dispersion Device

AMS Hand Augers Pocket Penetrometer

AMS Soil Sampling Mini-Kits

Portable Resistivity Meter

AMS Stainless Split Core Samplers

Probe Rods

Blast and Vibration Monitoring (MicroMate)

Sample Extruder

CoE Single- and Dual-Mass Cone Penetrometers

Sand Cone Apparatus

Density Drive Sampler

Sand Content Set

Double Ring Infiltrometer Set

Soil Color Chart Set

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Speedy® Moisture Testing Kit

Field Air Entry Permeameter Set

Static Cone Penetrometer

Field Classification Tester


Hand Auger

Vane Shear Test Kit

Hand Held Field Vane Shear Tester

Voluvessel for Soil Testing

Marsh Funnel Viscometer


Load Frames

Catalog Pages

Auto Load Frame for CBR, LBR, UCC Testing Triaxial Load Frame
Load Frame for CBR, LBR, UCC Testing Universal Test Frame


Catalog pages for permeability panels

Catalog pages for permeameters

Spare Parts for Panels

Spare parts for cells

Compaction Permeameter

Permeant Interface Device

Constant/Falling Head Permeameter

Sand/Gravel Permeameter

Deairing Water Tank

Shelby Tube Permeameter

Extension Panel

Split Compaction Mold

Gauge Block

Split Miter Box

Nold Deaerator Water System

Split Vacuum Mold

Permeability Cells

Wall Mount Manometer with Constant Head Tank

Permeability Panel

Soil Density DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Sand Cone Apparatus
  Density Drive Sampler Voluvessel for Soil Testing
  Relative Density Apparatus

Transducers, Readouts

Catalog pages

Digital Dial Indicators

Load Cells

Digital Transducer Readout

Mechanical Dial Indicators

Displacement Transducers

Pore Pressure Transducers

General purpose pressure transducers

Proving Rings

Triaxial Shear

Catalog pages

Aluminum Chamber

Soil Sample Trimmers

Compaction Mold

Split Compaction Mold

Deairing Water Tank

Split Miter Box

Extension Panel

Split Vacuum Mold

Gauge Block

Static Compactor and Extruder

Mold Insert
Nold Deaerator Water System Triaxial Cells
Permeant Interface Device Triaxial Load Frame (S-600)
Resilient Modulus Triaxial Cell

Triaxial Test Accessories

Sliding Weight Hammer

Triaxial/Permeability Panel


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