DGSI. Durham Geo Slope Indicator

3.25 inch Hand Auger

The DGSI Hand Auger with unique hard-faced and cupped blades is ideal for augering shallow holes in fine grained soils. Little effort is needed to turn the auger and advance the hole as the blade diameter exceeds the bucket diameter by to produce a 3-5/8 in (8.2 cm) diameter hole.
S-110 and S-111, Hand Auger Assemblies, consist of an auger head, tee handle and an extension with connectors.

A cross handle with rubber grips is optional.

The DGSI Hand Auger features:

  • Heavy gauge, heat treated carbon steel bucket for long life
  • Cupped blades of unique design to facilitate hole
  • Carbon steel auger heads, extensions and cross handle are zinc electroplated for rust resistance
  • Quick connect pins avoid use of wrenches
  • All stainless steel hand auger assembly is available for environmental sampling
  • A special "windowed bucket" is available for use in sticky clay soils.
Model Description
S-110 3.25 in. Standard Hand Auger Assembly
S-11004 3.25 in. Standard Hand Auger Assembly with (3) extra extensions
S-110M Mud Hand Auger Assembly
S-111 3.25 Stainless Hand Auger Assembly
S-11008 2.25 in Standard Hand Auger Head
S-11010 3.25 in Standard Hand Auger Head
S-11012 4 in Standard Hand Auger Head
S-11020 Auger Cross Handle
S-11021 Auger Cross Handle with Rubber Grips
S-11023 12 in Auger Extension
S-11024 20 in Auger Extension
S-11025 24 in Auger Extension
S-11030 36 in Auger Extension
S-11035 48 in Auger Extension
S-11037 60 in Auger Extension
S-11040 Connector Pin
S-11048 2.25 in Hand Auger Head, Mud
S-11050 3.25 in Auger Head, Mud
S-11052 4 in Hand Auger Head, Mud

Standard and windowed Heads. (L-R) S-11010, S-11050
Auger Assembly with 4 extensions, S-11004

ISO 9001:2008     C2015-01879