DGSI. Durham Geo Slope Indicator

Soil Color Chart Set

New water-resistant, washable color sheets are now standard in this improved Munsell Soil Guide. The guide has been developed in cooperation with the U.S. Soil Conservation Service guidelines for classifying colors of various soils. Can also be used for rocks, archaeological specimens, animal pelage and other natural products in this color range.

The new Munsell guide comes in loose-leaf binder with waterproof, washable text pages. One Rite-in-the-Rain text page also features a small ruler for on-the-spot measuring.

Matte color chips are mounted on 9 washable tabbed charts: 10R, 2.5YR, 5YR, 7.5YR, 2.5Y, and 5Y, plus two Gley (blue and green colors, and gray scale for submerged.

Model Description
S-176 Soil Color Chart

ISO 9001:2008     C2015-01879