DGSI. Durham Geo Slope Indicator

Heavy Duty Solution Balance

The Heavy Duty Solution Balance, with a capacity of 20 kg and a sensitivity of 1 g, is suitable for weighing Proctor specimens. Auxiliary weights are provided for weighing over 1.1 kg. A storage rack is provided for these slotted weights. The balance has precision-ground knife edges with positive load stops, magnetic damping and is front or rear reading to reduce parallax. A 2.27 kg sliding weight tare beam and an 11 in (27.9 cm) circular stainless steel platform are included. Bearings are covered and self-aligning and the notched beam has a sliding center indicating poise. It meets ASTM requirements for a GP5 Class scale with 1 g readability.

Model Description
GW-120 Heavy Duty Solution Balance

As an alternative, see the Compact Digital Scale.

ISO 9001:2008     C2015-01879