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Test results are only as good as the specimens being tested. Proper preparation and curing of concrete specimens are essential parts of the testing process. In this section, you will find equipment for preparing specimens for testing, curing equipment and curing environment monitoring instruments.

Cylinder Molds
cylinder mold
The Durham Geo reusable Steel Cylinder Mold is available in a 6 x 12 in. (15.2 x 30.5 cm), and 4 x 8 in (10 x 20 cm) size for preparing concrete test specimens for compression testing. It comprises the mold with a clamping system to keep it tightly closed and a base plate that is clamped to the cylinder when being used. Single-use plastic cylinder molds are also available. 6 x 12 in models available with or without handle.
Cylinder Gripper
cylinder gripper
The cylinder gripper is used to move 6 x 12 inch concrete cylinders. Lifting on the hand grip activates a pincer action that holds the cylinder securely.
Beam Molds
beam mold
The beam mold is used to prepare concrete specimens for flexural testing of concrete beams. Available in a 20 in. length with a cross-section of 6 x 6 in. They are formed from heavy gauge steel plate to maintain dimensional shape and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Fitted handles assist with easy movement. Applicable Standard: ASTM C 31. Plastic beam molds are also available. Inside surfaces are smooth and water tight to eliminate need to apply sealant to joints. Applicable Standards: ASTM C 31, C 78, C 192, C 293
Capping Pad System

The Durham Geo capping pad system is an alternative to the traditional casting type capping method. Cast neoprene discs and machined steel receivers are placed on the ends of the concrete test cylinder, allowing immediate testing. The pads have high strength and abrasion resistance, and are available in soft, medium, and hard versions (Durometer 50, 60, and 70). Applicable Standards: ASTM C 1231 AASHTO T-22.
Capping Fixture

The vertical cylinder cappling fixture provides a stable base for the capping process. The upright supports are wide spaced to minimize the chance of injury and to allow accurate alignment of the cylinder on the capping fixture. The fixture can be easily disassembled for base plate resurfacing, if needed. Available in several sizes.
Capping Compound

Durham Geo Capping Compounds are specially formulated powders. They are melted and then formed over the ends of the test cylinders to provide a smooth and level surface. Melting point is 240 degrees F (115 degrees C), best flow at 260-280F (126-137C). Made in two formulations with two hour setting time giving compressive strengths of: 550 psi (38 MPa) or 8000 psi (55 MPa). Applicable Standard: ASTM C 617
Warming Pot
The warming pot is used to melt and maintain the heat level of paraffin sealing waxes and capping compounds. It has an adjustable thermostat and provides heat up to 550 degrees F (288C). The inner chamber is cast aluminum insulated with 3 inches of fiberglass. The outside is stainless steel. The aluminum top cover has a wood handle. Available in four sizes and 100 or 220v models.

Vertical Capping Set

capping set
Cylinder test specimens must have flat and level end surfaces perpendicular to the cylinder body to assure compression test accuracy. The cylinder ends may be either ground or capped to achieve conformity with ASTM C 617. The Durham Geo Vertical Capping Set provides all the needed items for capping 6 x 12 inch (15.2 x 30.5 cm) concrete cylinders. Applicable Standards: ASTM C 31, C 192, C 617 AASHTO T-23, T-126.

Planeness Gauge Set
planeness gauge
This set is used to determine the flatness of the platens and capping fixtures. The set includes a 7 inch long precision-ground parallel bar, a feeler gauge set, a 0.001 inch feeler gauge, and a plastic case.
Pi Tape
pi tape
The Pi tape reads the diameter of concrete cylinders with an accuracy of ±0.001 inch. Easier to use than a micrometer, the tape handles cylinder diameters of 2 to 12 inches. Manufactured from type 1095 spring steel.
Block Capping Fixture
block capping fixture
Block capping fixture caps 6, 8, and 12 inch masonry blocks in preparation for compression testing. Base is ground flat to tolerance of 0.003 inch.

Concrete Vibrator

This electric concrete vibrator is used to consolidate fresh, molded concrete specimens in the laboratory or at the work site. Applicable Standards: ASTM C 31, C 138, C 132 AASHTO T-23, T-121, T-126

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