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Windsor Probe Test System

ASTM C 670, C 803, ACI 347, BS 1881 #207, ANSI A. 10-3

Designed for in place testing of normal and high-strength concrete for compressive strength and quality. Measurement to 17000 psi (110 MPa.) The tests take less than five minutes and provide immediate, reliable results. They may be performed on slabs, floors, ceilings, walls, curved surfaces and pavements. It may also be used at construction sites to determine when forms can be stripped.

The Windsor Probe Test System drives a steel probe through a template into the concrete surface where aggregate particles are cracked and compressed. The zone and depth of penetration by the probe are correlated to the psi of the concrete's compressive strength.

The Kit provides the driver gun, templates for guiding the fired probe gauge and a graph to evaluate results. A Moh's Hardness Scratch Test Kit is also included. It is supplied in a wooden carrying case.

The probe gauges are supplied separately as kits of 3 with matched explosive power loads:


Silver Probe Kit certified for testing coarse, natural stone aggregate (standard weight concrete), having a density greater than 125 lbs/cu3, (2.00 g/cm3).

yes Gold Probe Kit certified for lightweight aggregate such as expanded shale and having a density less than 125 lbs/cu3, (2.00 g/cm3).
Model Description
C-510 Windsor Probe Test System Kit
C-520 Silver Probe Kit, 3 probes/set
C-530 Gold Probe Kit, 3 probes/set

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