DGSI. Durham Geo Slope Indicator

ASTM Soils Hydrometers

ASTM D 422, E 100

The Hydrometers meet ASTM E 100 "Specification for ASTM Hydrometers." The S-300 is graduated to read specific gravity of the suspension. Model S-301 is graduated in grams per liter of the suspension. Made from molded seamless glass to ensure uniformity of volumetric displacement. They are used to determine particle size distribution of any particulate material that can be placed in a suspension that settles with time and has little particle density variation.

Model Description
S-300 ASTM Soils Hydrometer 151 H, range 0.995 to 1.038 S.G. by 0.001 division
S-301 ASTM Soils Hydrometer 152 H, range -5 to +60 grams per liter with g/L divs


ISO 9001:2008     C2015-01879