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Overstock Items

To inquire about or to order any of the overstock items, please contact us by either calling
1-800-837-0864 or sending an email via the "E-Mail Customer Support" link above.

C-23560: Steel Beam Mold (6 x 6 x 6 in)>>Click for Details...
C-250B: "Through-Wall" Humidifier, 120V (7.5 lb/hr)>>Click for Details...
C-354: Slump Cone Funnel>>Click for Details...
C-540: Pocket Tachometer (2,000-21,000 cpm or rpm)>>Click for Details...
C-550: Rebar Locator (w/ case and harness)>>Click for Details...
C-619: Concrete Yield Bucket, 1 cu ft >>Click for Details...
C-640: Void Content Apparatus, Fine Aggregate >>Click for Details...
G-157: Surface Thermometer (0-500°F, 5.0° div) >>Click for Details...
G-176PT: Non-Mercury Lab Thermometer (0-230°F, 1.0° div) >>Click for Details...
G-192: Dial Caliper, 0-6 in, with case >>Click for Details...
G-32060: Set of 12 Tin Sample Boxes, 6 oz, 2.75 in diameter >>Click for Details...
G-384: Evaporating Dish, 80 ml, 3-1/8 in OD >>Click for Details...
G-397: Filter Flask, 2 L, with tubulation >>Click for Details...
G-530: High Temperature Cotton Gloves, pair >>Click for Details...
GO-239: Hot Plate, 9 x 9 in, 120 V >>Click for Details...
GW-11905: Plastic Carrying Case for Triple Beam Balance(GW-115) >>Click for Details...
GW-130: Multipurpose Field Scale, Avoirdupois >>Click for Details...
GW-130D: Digital Field Scale, 88 lb capacity x 0.02 lb, Only $180.00 >>Click for Details...
GW-200: Hand-held Scale, 0-60gm / 60-120gm x 0.1/0.2 gm >>Click for Details...
GW-344: Ohaus Adventurer Precision Balance>>Click for Details...
GW-43099: Hard-shell case for Ohaus Defender 3000 series scale >>Click for Details...
GW-862: Adam CBK Bench Scale, 35lb x 0.001lb / 16kg x 0.5g >>Click for Details...
P-200: Laboratory Sieve Shaker for 8-inch dia. sieves, 110V, 60Hz >>Click for Details...
S-325: 6 in Modified Split Compaction Mold >>Click for Details...
S-32710/S-32810: CBR/LBR Spacer Discs >>Click for Details...
S-358: CBR/LBR Piston >>Click for Details...
UCC, Perm and Triax Caps and Pedestals >>Click for Details...

Steel Beam Mold

steel beam moldC-23560: Single-cavity steel cube mold with base plate. Used for mortar specimens in the time of initial and final setting of concrete.
6" x 6" x 6" (152 x 152 x 152mm)


"Through-Wall" Humidifier

humidifierC-250B: Ultrasonic humidifier produces a mist created by a piezo-electric (p/e) device which produces an extremely fine, smoke-like fog. The vapor is dispensed by a small internal fan through an opening on the top of the unit. The fog travels just a few feet before evaporating into the surrounding atmosphere. The C-250B (duct discharge) mounts easily on any wall or shelf, using the included mounting bracket. Locate the unit as high as possible, but at least two feet from the ceiling. The flexible hose is connected to the discharge duct located on the top of the unit. Recommended for "through-the-wall" installation for an enclosed humidity room. Operation of the C-250B is quiet with a noise level of less than 49 dB. The unit outputs 7.5 lbs/hour.

Slump Cone Funnel

humidifierC-354: The slump cone funnel is used to aid in filling slump cones. It can also be used to aid in filling standard 4-inch Proctor Molds and 4-inch Marshall Asphalt Molds.

Pocket Tachometer

TachometerC-540: Precision Pocket Tachometer (vibration indicator) is pen sized.
Scale gives readings from 2,000 to 21,000 VPM.

Rebar Locator

Rebar LocatorC-550: Used to locate rebar, conduit pipe or other metallic objects in concrete or non-metallic structures. Adjustable controls are provided for sensitivity, sound volume and depth of penetration. Audio and viual (meter) indications of detection are provided. It is capable of detecting the precise location and definition of a 0.5 in (13mm) reinforcing bar at up t 8 in (20cm) deep in concrete.
Sensitivity: 0.2 mV RMS for full-scale
Output: Meter and speaker or optional headphones
Power: 9V (12 x 1.5V AA batteries)

Concrete Yield Bucket

Cubic Foot Yield BucketC-619: Heavy-gauge, seam-welded water-tight bucket with bail handle. 1 cubic foot bucket (non-ASTM) can be used for concrete or aggregate testing.

Void Content Apparatus: Fine Aggregate

Void ContentC-640: Fine Aggregate Void Content Apparatus as shown.

Magnetic Surface Thermometer

Magnetic ThermometerG-157: Magnetic Surface Thermometer
2-inch dial, 0-500°F x 5° divisions

Non-Mercury Lab Thermometer

Non-Mercury ThermometerG-176PT: 12-inch Non-Mercury Thermometer
0-230°F x 1.0° divisions

Dial Caliper

Dial CaliperG-192: Dial Caliper is used for measuring inside and outside lengths in inch units with readings taken from the sliding bar scale and the dial indicator. Measurements may be made with one hand, using a thumb roller for fine adjustments and a thumb screw to lock the jaws. Bar graduations are 0.1 inch, dial indicator graduations are 0.001 inch and one revolution corresponds to 0.1 inch. The 6-inch version is provided with a dpeth rod and comes in a protective case.

Tin Boxes

Tin BoxesG-32060: These tin boxes are used for temporary preservation in moisture determination of soil samples. The lid fits on the bottom as well as the top for temporary storage.
6 oz capacity, 2.75 inch diameter
Twelve boxes per package

Evaporating Dish

Evaporating DishG-384: Glazed porcelain evaporating dish with a lip for pouring.
80 ml capacity, 3.125 inch diameter

Erlenmeyer Flask

Filter FlaskG-397: Heavy-wall Erlenmeyer Flask with side tubulation.
2 liter capacity

High Temperature Cotton Gloves

Cotton GlovesG-530: One pair of heat-resistant terry-cloth gloves with an overall length of twelve inches.
350°F Maximum Temperature

Basic Hotplate

HotplateGO-239: Cimarec Basic Hotplate is designed for use with glass vessels only. The reflective white ceramic surface is acid and alkali-resistant and easy to clean. A non-heating frame surrounds the heated ceramic plate for added protection. Easy-to-set analog temperature control knob with graduated scale and LED display. Redundant temperature control systems for over-temperature protection.
7 x 7 inches

Plastic Carrying Case for Triple Beam Balance

Scale Storage BoxGW-11905: Plastic storage box originally designed to store and transport the triple-beam balance. The foam insert is not glued in place and can be easily removed.
Dimensions: 7" W x 19" L x 6.5" D (9" OAH)

Multipurpose Field Scale

Multipurpose Field ScaleGW-130: This Multipurpose Field Scale has a capacity of 36 pounds and readabilities of 0.01 lb. It includes round, slotted, iron weights that are conveniently stored in a weight storage rack and covered, self-aligning bearing for maintenance-free use. There is a built-in carrying handle, locking graduated poise and an 11 inch (28 cm) diameter stainless steel weighing platform.

Digital Field Scale

Digital Field ScaleGW-130D: This bench scale has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. The scale features a durable carrying case, a digital remote weight display, a stainless steel platform and a programmable Auto-Off feature. It also has an LCD display and five weighing modes.
Power: 4 AAA batteries not included, AC Adapter included
Dimensions: 15.5" L x 13" W x 3" H
Capacity: 88 pounds x 0.02 lb resolution

Hand-Held Scale

Hand-Held ScaleGW-200: Dual Range Hand-Held Scale.
Capacity: 0 - 60gm x 0.1gm / 60 - 120gm x 0.2gm

Ohaus Adventurer Pro Precision Balance

field testerGW-344: This scale features a large LCD display and ergonomic leveling system for easy setup and operation. It also has 16 different user-selectable weighing units and an RS232 output for connection to computers and printers.
Capacity: 4100 grams x 0.01 gram


Case for Ohaus Defender 3000 series scales

Defender Scale CaseGW-43099: This hard-shell case is designed for the storage and transport of the Ohaus Defender 3000 series scales.
Dimensions: 27" L x 16" W x 6.5" D

Adam CBK 35A Bench Scale

Adam CBK 35AGW-862: This scale has a level indicator and adjustable feet to ensure proper balance setup for optimum weighing results. Its large, grade 304 stainless steel pan allows for swift cleaning and the RS-232 interface is available to provide speedy connection to computers and printers, while the optional USB interface simplifies data communication. The rugged construction stands up to industrial use and the sealed keypad protects against dirt and spills. Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components.
Capacity: 35 pounds x 0.001 lb / 16 kilograms x 0.5g
Weighing Units: g, kg, lb, lb:oz, oz

Sieve Shaker for 6" Sieves

Sieve ShakerP-200: Designed for shaking up to ten sieves and a 2.125 inch (5.4cm) high pan. The sieve shaker has a circular motion with an alternating up and down bumping action designed to provide thorough, repeatable sieving. The internal counterbalance and adjustable foot pads keep the shaker stationary without the need for a permanent mounting. An automatic timer with a reset button is provided. The motor and all mechanical parts are enclosed in a sturdy metal case.
Dimensions: 39.5" H x 22.5" W x 12.5" D (100.3 x 57.2 x 31.7cm)

Modified Proctor Split Mold

Modified Proctor Split MoldS-325: The mold body has a vertical split with two clamps for easy speciman removal. This mold is not compatible with a Ploog Automatic Soil Compactor.
6-inch ID x 4.584 inches H with a 2.375-inch detachable collar

CBR/LBR Spacers
CBR/LBR SpacersBoth the CBR Spacer and the LBR Spacer include a removable lifting ring.

DGSI Model No.
CBR Spacer
5.9375" OD x 2.416" H
LBR Spacer
5.9375" OD x 1.416" H

CBR/LBR Penetration Piston

CBR/LBR Penetration PistonS-358: A penetration piston for use with either CBR or LBR testing. The piston has a 3/4-16 connector.

Caps and Pedestals for UCC/Perm/Triax Testing

DGSI Model No.
3" Unconfined Cap
3" Unconfined Pedestal
1.4" Stainless Steel Triax/Perm Cap and Pedestal
2.0" Stainless Steel Triax/Perm Cap and Pedestal
2.8" Stainless Steel Triax/Perm Cap and Pedestal

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