DGSI. Durham Geo Slope Indicator

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Materials Testing Products

Environmental Products


AM-100 Marshall Load Frame
CBR Software
E-405 Digital Readout
E-8000 EZ-Daq 8-Channel Data Acquisition System
LG-11220 Low load Device for LG-11225 12” Shear Box
LG-8000 series Interface Shear Box 01/2012
S-160 Torvane
S-162 Hand-Held Vane Shear Tester 06/08
S-170 / S-170B Pocket Penetrometer
S-215 Static Cone Penetrometer
S-242 Compactor/ Extruder
S-333 Automated Soil Compactor
S-449 Dead Weight Consolidometer
S-450 Terraload Consolidation Device
S-470 Permeant Interface Device
S-480 Permeability Cell
S-490 Dead Weight Direct Shear
S-492 Direct Shear Device (2.2 MB)
S-500 Triaxial / Permeability Panel 011/09
S-510 Triaxial Cell
S-511 Triaxial Cell
S-600 Proface Control Load Frame
S-610 Load Frame
S-611 Auto Load Frame
WinSAS software

Instruction Sheets / Quick Start Guides

C-450 Air Indicator
S-170 Pocket Penetrometer Adapter Foot
S-200 and S-205 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Operation
S-205 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Use
S-610+E-490 Set up and Calibration
S-611 Set Up Instructions


F.A.P. Plus™ and F.A.P. Plus™ ZW Pumps
918701 Restraint Cable Kit
TR-032 Dual-Range Mini Bladder Pump Controller
TR-03210 Dual-Range Mini Bladder Pump Controller w/Compressor
Mini Bladder Pumps, v 1.0
TR-602/TR-600 Arch Pump, v 1.1
TR-51600 SolarNAPL
TR-75713 Pneumatic Tank-Full Shut-Off
Water Level Indicators

Instruction Sheets / Quick Start Guides

Attaching the Water Level Indicator Probe to the Cable
O-SOX and A-SOX Installation Guide
DC Purging Pumps
Quick-Connects for SRX Pumps 08/10
Quick-Connect Adapters for SRX Pumps 10/10
TR-610 / TR-611 P.O.D. Skimmer v 1.0 05/09
TR-252 Passive Skimmer
TR-254 Passive Skimmer
TR-515 F.A.P. Plus
TR-970/TR-971 SRX LP, v 1.0
TR-974/TR-976 SRX-R, v 1.1 03/09
TR-975 SRX-R, v 1.2 03/09
TR-977 SRX-R, v 1.2 03/09
TR-978 SRX-R, v 1.1 02/09
TR-51640 F.A.P. Plus™ ZW System (Quick Start Guide)
TR-51600 SolarNAPL Quick Start Guide
TR-80810 Quick Start Guide 06/08

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