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Water Level Indicators
Water Level Indicators
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Water Level Indicators

Simple, effective direct reading.



Measure water levels in standpipes and wells.


The water level indicator consists of a probe, a graduated cable, and a cable reel with built-in electronics. The probe is lowered down the standpipe until a light and buzzer indicate contact with water. Depth-to-water measurement is read from the cable.

WLI with Laser-Marked Cable

  • Laser-marked cables offer clear, high contrast inscriptions that are a permanent part of the cable jacket. The marks cannot be rubbed off or washed off and are as resistant to solvents as the cable jacket.
  • 0.01 ft or 2 mm cable markings provide convenience and accuracy.
  • Small diameter, round cable minimizes friction on casing walls.
  • 3/8" probe fits small diameter pipes. When not in use, probe clips to cable reel.
  • Bright LED and piezoelectric beeper signal contact with water.
  • Low power circuits provide long battery life. Indicator shuts off power automatically after 10 minutes.
  • Durable reel features 1/8" aluminum walls and bronze bearings. The compact seven-inch reel can be equipped with either a handle or a stand, while the larger reels have stands. Laser Marking Machine

The photograph at right shows a water level indicator cable being drawn through the laser marking machine. The machine directs a laser beam at the cable jacket. The jacket changes color where the beam strikes, and the resulting marks and characters become a permanent part of the cable jacket.


Model Description

Water Level Indicators - English Units

51690010 WLI with 100 ft cable and handle
51690015 WLI with 150 ft cable and stand
51690030 WLI with 300 ft cable and stand
51690050 WLI with 500 ft cable and stand
51690100 WLI with 1000 ft cable and stand

Water Level Indicators - Metric Units

51690303 WLI with 30 m cable and handle
51690310 WLI with 100 m cable and stand
51690315 WLI with 150m cable and stand


Replacement Parts

If your water level indicator has seen a lot of use, you may be interested in replacement parts.

For more information

Please download the data sheet and instruction sheet for the Water Level Indicator. These documents can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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