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Vented Pressure Transducer

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Reliable, low-cost pressure transducer


Monitoring water level in wells and standpipes, and stilling basins installed in reservoirs and streams.


The VW pressure transducer converts water pressure to a frequency signal via a patented arrangement of diaphragm, a tensioned steel wire, and an electromagnetic coil. The pressure transducer is designed so that a change in pressure on the diaphragm causes a change in tension of the wire. An electromagnetic coil is used to excite the wire, which then vibrates at its natural frequency. The vibration of the wire in the proximity of the coil generates a frequency signal that is transmitted to the readout device. The readout or data logger stores the reading in Hz. Calibration factors are then applied to the reading to arrive at a pressure in engineering units.

The vented pressure transducer is designed for low pressures and has a range of 0 to 1.5 bar (22 psi). The large diameter vent tube provides quick response to changes in atmospheric pressure and cannot be blocked by condensation. The large capacity, low maintenance desiccant chamber (optional) keeps vent tube dry for 3 to 6 months.

Model Description


Vented Pressure Transducer


Vented cable (sold per ft)


Splice Kit for Vented Cable
Includes components to splice conductors and vent tube


Dessiccant Chamber


VW Data Rcorder


VW MiniLogger, Data Logger


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