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Submersible pump protector


Depending on the model:
the pump monitor is designed to protect single-phase or three-phase pumps from dry wells, dead head, jammed impellers, rapid cycling and over/under voltage conditions.
Protects 115, 230 or 480 V (ac), 50-60 Hz, 2- or 3-wire pumps from 1/3 to 7.5 hp.

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Models TR-2601 and TR-2602

The Model TR-2601 and TR-2602 are pump monitors designed to protect single-phase pumps from dry-well, dead-head, jammed impeller, overvoltage and undervoltage conditions. The PumpSaver® TR-2602 protects 230 V, 2 or 3 wire pumps from 1/3-3 hp. The PumpSaver® TR-2601 protects 115 V pumps rated 1/3-1 hp.

A calibration adjustment allows the TR-2601 and TR-2602 to be calibrated to specific pumping applications, thereby reducing the possibility of false or nuisance tripping. A unique microcontroller-based voltage and current-sensing circuit constantly monitors the incoming power for power fluctuations, overcurrent, and undercurrent. When an abnormality, such as loss of suction, is detected, the PumpSaver® deactivates its output relay and directly disconnects the pump motor. The PumpSaver® then begins its user-selectable restart delay (dry-well recovery) timer. When the timer counts to zero or power is removed and reapplied, the PumpSaver reactivates its output relay and turns the pump back on.

Model Description


PumpSaver, 1/3 hp to 1.0 hp, 115 V (ac), 1 ph


PumpSaver, 1/3 hp to 1.5 hp, 230 V (ac), 1 ph

TR-2602 specifications


The Informer

The Informer is a handheld diagnostic tool designed for use with single-phase PumpSaver® models equipped with an infrared LED transmitter.

The Informer uses an infrared receiver to access information sent from the PumpSaver®, which can be helpful for troubleshooting the system. Each single-phase PumpSaver® model equipped with an infrared LED transmits valuable information from the device. To retrieve this information, the Informer's receiver must be directed toward the PumpSaver's LED transmitter. A green communication status light indicates when the Informer is receiving data from the PumpSaver®. If communication is lost, the Informer will display the last values it received.
The Informer displays parameters including:
• Model number
• Real-time voltage, current, and power
• Dry-well and overload trip points
• Calibration voltage
• Last fault
• Voltage, current, and power at last fault
• Highest/lowest voltage and current since last calibration

Model Description


INFORMER diagnostic tool for single-phase PumpSavers. Batteries not included.



Model TR-2603

TR-2603 is a fully-programmable electronic overload relay designed to monitor single-phase systems. It can be used as a stand-alone product or the communication port can be used to form a network and monitor the motors from a laptop or desktop computer, or other control system.

The unit includes a built-in current transformer (CT) which will handle applications from 2-90 A. An external current transformer can be implemented to handle applications up to 800 A. The following 14 parameters can be viewed from the 3-digit alphanumeric display or from a network computer: low voltage setpoint, high voltage setpoint, CT size/loops setting, overcurrent trip point, undercurrent trip point, trip class (5, 10, 25, 20, 30, or linear), rapid-cycle timer (RD1), overload restart delay (RD2), underload restart delay (RD3), number of starts after an overload (manual or automatic), RS-485 address, number of restarts after an underload fault, underload trip delay, and linear overcurrent trip delay. Both voltage and line current can also be viewed while the motor is running.

Model Description


PumpSaver, 1-9 A, 240 V (ac), 1 ph



Models TR-2604 and TR-2605

TR-2604 overload relay has an underpower trip rather than undercurrent. The underpower trip is desirable anytime the current vs. load is non-linear or has little change. KW/HP products should be used with all fractional horsepower motors and most motors under 3hp. If in doubt, underpower can be used anytime in place of undercurrent protection. Settings can be either horsepower or kilowatts.

Model Description


PumpSaver, 1-9 A, 190-480 V (ac), 3 phase


PumpSaver, up tp 7.5 hp, 190-480 V (ac), 3 phase



Remote Monitoring Device

The Remote Monitoring Device is a motor monitoring device to be used in conjunction with PumpSaver® TR-2603, TR-2604 or TR2605. The Monitoring Device / PumpSaver motor management system combines unsurpassed electronic motor protection and critical, user-friendly motor monitoring. The Remote Monitoring Device improves safety for service and operations personnel because the overload can be controlled, status monitored, and setpoints can be changed without opening the control panel. Using the Remote Monitoring Device is a simple, cost effective way of satisfying the new requirements for arc flash safety.

The Remote Monitoring Device can monitor up to 16 PumpSaver® units through an RS-485 network using Modbus RTU protocol. A second communication port is standard and allows monitoring and control from a computer, PLC, DCS or SCADA system. Up to 99 PumpSaver® units can be accessed from the host computer or PLC with the Remote Monitoring Device acting as a repeater for any of its motor protectors. In addition to the monitoring functions, the device can reset a tripped MotorSaver® or PumpSaver®.

The Remote Communications Device requires that a Communications Module be connected to each PumpSaver (TR-2603, TR-2604 or TR2605 only) to be monitored.

Model Description


Remote Motor-Monitoring Device for TR-2603, TR-2604 or TR2605.


Communications Module


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Specifications for TR-2602

1 Phase Line Voltage (+/- 10%) 230 V (ac)
Load Range
1/3 - 3 hp
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Current Transformer Ratio 50:5
Operating Points  
125% of Cal. Point
Over Voltage Reset Point
Under Voltage Reset Point
# of Restarts allowed in a 60 sec. period before Clockout (Rapid Cycle Timer)
Trip Delay Time  
5 sec.
Dry Well
2 sec. (4 sec. optional)*
Restart Delay Time  
Over Voltage/Under Voltage Delay
5 sec.
All other faults (Dry Well Recovery Timer)
2-225 minutes
Output Contact Rating (SPST) 3 hp @ 240 V ac (17 A max)
W/O 3R Enclosure
14 oz.
W/3R Enclosure
1.6 lb
Power Consumption 5 Watts (Max)

*Note: Other trip delays and restart delays are available upon request.

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