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reliable, low-cost data logger to monitor a single VW piezometer.


Water level monitoring


The VW MiniLogger is a reliable, low-cost data logger designed to monitor a single VW piezometer. It takes just minutes to learn how to use the MiniLogger. There are no programs to write, no switches to set and only four wires to connect.

The field-ready MiniLogger is rated for temperatures from -20 to +500C, and its resin encapsulated electronics are completely protected from effects of humidity and condensation. Powered by two D-cell batteries, the MiniLogger runs for up to 6 months and can store 2000 readings in secure, non-volatile memory. The MiniLogger can be set to start recording at a specific time so that the readings may be synchronized with other MiniLoggers, and the reading interval can be set from 30 readings per minute to one reading per week.

The MiniLogger Manager program, included with the MiniLogger, is used to set the MiniLogger’s reading schedule and to retrieve recorded readings via a standard RS-232 serial connection. The MiniLogger Manager program stores retrieved readings in an ASCII file, ready to import into a spreadsheet. The file contains time, date, raw-readings, readings in engineering units, and temperature in °C.

Model Description


VW MiniLogger.
Includes batteries, interface cable, MiniLogger Manager Software, and user manual.


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