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Diffusion Sampler

Sample VOCs without bailing or purging.


Passive VOC sampling at discrete intervals in groundwater

The Diffusion Sampler comprises the sampler, a stainless steel hanger and a stainless steel weight. The semi-permeable sample chamber filled with deionized water (purchased separately). It is lowered into the well screen and left in place. VOCs in the groundwater diffuse into the sampler until the concentration gradient equilibrates between the water in the formation and the sampler. The sampler is retrieved and contents easily emptied into VOA vials for laboratory analysis. These samplers are currently in use at U.S. D.O.D. sites, EPA-monitored sites, major industrial sites and small petroleum monitoring sites across the United States. Diffusion sampling technology is licensed by the U.S. Government yielding results that correlate with bailing.

Model Description


Diffusion Sampler - 350 ml (disposable)


Stainless Steel Hanger (reusable)


Stainless Steel Weight, Standard (reusable)


Stainless Steel Weight, X-Heavy (reusable)


Optional Fill Device (reusable)


We can supply custom-made tethers and well caps with hangers:


Custom-made tethers

Well caps with hangers


Equipment needed to deploy:

• Sampler, pre-filled or empty
• Weight (standard, X-Heavy or in-line)
• Fill Kit
• Tether or rope
• Well caps with 1" Stainless Steel rings
• Snap Clips
• Cable Ties

For more information

Comprehensive info on diffusion samplers from the ITRC Diffusion Sampler Information Center.

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