DGSI. Durham Geo Slope Indicator

A-SOX™ sleeves and stainless steel canister in 2- and 4-in sizes. Socks are stored and shipped in pails.


Stimulates anaerobic biodegradation of contaminants in ground water wells.

Easiest deep plume and routine deployment of integrated carbon, ZVI and nutrients.


Stimulation of anaerobic biodegradation of groundwater contaminants through controlled release of carbon, ZVI, and nutrient delivery using EHC™. This is not an aggresive treatment but, rather, an enhancement to natural attenuation. Ideal for sites where there are either residual, or a thin layer of contaminants.

The radius of influence depends on the hydrogeology of the site but is still predictably small (in the order of 10 ft radially, 20-50 ft downgradient).

Quick Instructions
oxygen release sock O-SOX

Take a sock from the pail and remove plastic sleeve.

Insert sock into canister

If desired, attach an optional canister and insert a sock.

Adjust the length of cable required.

Lower canister in the well.

Cap rests on top of casing

Key Benefits:

• All field proven benefits of EHC.
• Substantial time savings on the job.
• Reusable stainless steel canisters easy to insert and retrieve.
• Socks and canisters available for 2" and 4" wells.
• Easy and quick delivery system for groundwater wells.
• Up to three canisters may be suspended in-line to lengthen the active zone.
• Long Lasting.

Contaminants Treated:

• Chlorinated solvents
• Chlorinated pesticides
• Other energetics


EHC™ is an integrated source of slow-release oxygen combined with nutrients and a pH buffering agent to provide the ideal conditions for rapid bioremediation of organic and inorganic soil, sediment and groundwater contaminants. For organic constituents, EHC significantly stimulates catabolic activity of indigenous microflora further accelerating the rate of contaminant removal. EHC not only eliminates contaminants quickly —but also guarantees appreciable cost savings over other oxygenrelease products on the market. EHC’s proprietary technology is field proven and available today.

A-SOX™ is a delivery mechanism consisting of a fabric sleeve (or sock) filled with EHC™ and a stainless steel canister. For ease of use in groundwater wells, the socks are lowered in the well inside reusable stainless steel canisters. The number of canisters that can be hooked together is limited and governed by well screen length, weight, and the fact that they all need to be submerged.

A-SOX™ is available in two nominal sizes: 2 x 36 in and 4 x 36 in.

Ordering Information

2-in x 3-ft A-SOX (pail with 5 socks*)
2-in Canister (stainless steel, reusable)
4-in x 3-ft A-SOX (pail with 3 socks*)
4-in Canister (stainless steel, reusable)
2-in Well Cap with Cable Restraint
4-in Well Cap with Cable Restraint
Pail Opener
1/16"-dia. Nylon-covered stainless-steel suspension cable with swaged cable loop at one end in the follwoing lengths:
25 ft
50 ft
75 ft
100 ft
125 ft
150 ft

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