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4-inch well seal
2-inch well seal

Well Seals

For Remediation Wells

DGSI well seals provide an easy method for connecting fluid and air lines, simplifying installation. Strain relief seals isolate the individual DGSI tubing sizes used on the SRX pumps and are vacuum rated.

The well seals are attached to the casing by mating flanges or by sealing them to the diameter of the well casing with a Fernco™-type flexible coupling. Addition¬al threaded openings through the seals are provided for fluid level

Note: The Nylon Bundled Tubing Assembly, (TR-794) is not compatible with the well seals on this page. If well seals are needed for your application contact DGSI.


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well seal
Fluid Out Manifold
Well Seal Assembly
Well Seal Assembly
well seal
Fluid Out Manifold
Well Seal Assembly
Well Seal Assembly


Pump Accessories:

Pulse Counter
Filter / Regulator
Flow Valve
Nylon Bundled Tubing
Standard Hose Assembly

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