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POD Skimmer
POD Skimmer System

POD (Pump On Demand) Skimmer System

Out-of-the-box LNAPL recovery in 2-inch and larger-diameter wells.


The POD Skimmer model TR-610 recovers light-end hydrocarbons with SSU values of 80 or lower. POD Skimmer model TR-611 is used for 4-in and larger diameter wells and is perfect for recovering products with viscosities of 80 SSU or higher.


For remediation sites with power limitations or where immediate response is needed, the POD Skimmer is an excellent choice. It’s based on our highly successful FAP™ Plus Skimming System and incorporates many of the same proven elements.

The POD Skimmer ships partially assembled and can be fully operational using either CO2 or solar power within minutes. This reduces the need for permits and trenching and saves money and time. When using CO2 as a power source, the POD Skimmer takes up very little space, making it an excellent choice for locations where a smaller foot-print is needed


bullet Cycles only when the pump is full, minimizing air consumption.
bullet No need for electrical power when operated with CO2 or solar.
bullet Records the amount of product recovered from each well.
bullet Can be installed and operational in less than 30 minutes.

(pump / skimmer)
Well Centralizer
TR-610 POD Skimming System
(Includes pump, skimmer, spanners and cycle counter)
97 8 1-7/8
TR-611 POD High Viscosity Skimming System
(Includes pump, skimmer, spanners and cycle counter)
97 8 3-1/2

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Pump Accessories:

Well Seals
Pulse Counter
Filter / Regulator
Flow Valve
Nylon Bundled Tubing
Standard Hose Assembly

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